Clinical Management

Health Risk Assesment (HRA)

The HRA (Health Risk Assessment) program was created with the purpose of identifying the lifestyles and health risk level of the beneficiaries of a health plan or Medicare. We are a department that promotes health care and healthy lifestyles. To promote a better quality of life for our members and employees, we perform a screening questionnaire to identify the level of health risk and utilization rate of health services in the Medicare population. With general lifestyle assessments it is possible to create appropriate interventions and track changes between risk levels, We work based on and benefiting the human dimensions:
Physical| Emotional | Environmental | Spiritual | Intellectual |Ecological

HRA program goals:
  • Analysis of the health habits of the person.
  • Assessment of overall health risks (they may be supplemented with biometric medical and psychological aspects).
  • Evaluate the dimensions of the human being combined with lifestyles.
  • Try to identify the level of health risk to create strategies to promote positive health habits and healthy lifestyles.
  • Risk assessment (quantitative or qualitative) to predict possible future causes of death or adverse health outcomes.
  • A mechanism that provides educational retro communication or counseling aimed to behavioral change.

A health profile that contains past events or patterns that could predict a level of health risk. incidents or practices that may predict a level of health risk.
• Receive guidance on different health issues and personal interest.
• Being forwarded to other services depending on the situation or needs of each participant.
• Service excellence.
• Brief interventions.
• Immediate response to your needs regarding your health plan.


Maintaining a healthy and productive workforce is essential for employers in both the public and private sectors. Poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle have become a barrier to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The risks to health as a result of overweight and obesity contribute to the development of chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, among others and influence the cost of health care and productivity of employees.

TeleMedik features In Control, a comprehensive and innovative program for weight management, where the participant receives ongoing professional advice over the phone by our licensed nutritionists. In Control lasts six months, in which group educational activities are carried out in addition to the interventions of our health professionals. Control is adjusted to the needs of the company and the employee as an individual, without interfering with the work schedule and daily activities.

  • Decrease body mass index of participants.
  • Identify risk factors that contribute to the development of medical complications associated with overweight and obesity.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles that promote good eating habits and physical activity.
  • Educate participants about the importance of the management and control of overweight and obesity.
  • Improve the quality of life of participants.