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We understand that situations may arise in which employees feel more comfortable in reporting any suspicions in a confidential way or completely anonymous. Therefore we offer this method to report their suspicions. The same way we will use the information received to improve the quality of our workplace.

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We have a Compliance Committee

“TelecoMply” TeleMedik and TeleMedik Innova Health Solutions are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to its internal and external customers. Our Board of Directors and managers support and adhere firmly to our Corporate Compliance Program and Code of Ethics and Conduct, expressing their commitment to conducting operations ethically and honestly, in compliance with the standards defined for our well-functioning . A Corporate Code of Ethics and Conduct based on a robust compliance program builds confidence in employees and customers. However, it cannot foresee all potential instances of noncompliance or unethical behavior. Therefore, personal judgment and good sense of differentiation between good and evil, is a key to maintaining a culture of compliance and ethics in our company.

Compliance Program

Federal regulation implemented a compliance program that includes the following 7 elements:

1. Compliance Officer and Committee
2. Policies and Procedures
3. Education and Trainings
4. Regulatory Reports
5. Auditing and Monitoring
6. Effective communication lines
7. Penalties or disciplinary measures

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Corporate Code of Conduct and Ethics

The Code provides:

– Corporate Ethical Principles
– Corporate Opportunities
– Conflicts of interest
– Confidentiality and privacy
– Free fair transaction suspected
– Protection and proper use of company assets
– Effective lines of communication to report any
conduct that violates the law and ethics.

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