TeleMedik is a company that offers health counseling by phone to different health insurers. TeleMedik provides its customers a phone line health counseling available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Graduate nurses attend to the call and answer questions, guiding them on what to do in case of symptoms, diseases or treatments.

TeleMedik began operations in 1997, being the first company in Puerto Rico to provide health counseling by telephone. It is also the only company with a schedule for symptom management designed and developed specifically for the market in Puerto Rico, allowing it to respond more effectively to the needs of Puerto Ricans and can be used in other Spanish-speaking countries.

TeleMedik is always attentive to the needs of its customers and the market it serves. In addition to the service of clinical counseling by phone, we have added other programs and services such as pre-certification for visits to the emergency room, support centers customer service some companies medical plans, coordination of psychological services through a special network, nutritional counseling, telephone follow-up of patients with multiple visits to emergency rooms and pharmacies case management, among others.

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Our story

Founded in 1996.

It started operations in September 1997 as the pioneer in services Triage (line nursing and health counseling).

Now recognized as the leading local health services company and the largest contact center, serving nearly 3 million lives.

We handle about 250,000 incoming and 200,000 outgoing calls monthly.

Our contact center is accredited by URAC since 2001.

We met CMS, NCQA, laws and regulations of local agencies.

Certified by the School of Public Health. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We serve the Government of Puerto Rico and private health plans and non-Medicare and Medicaid.

Our Values
  • 8. Passion for Excellence

  • 7. Innovation

  • 6. Flexibility

  • 5. Integral welfare

  • 4. Social Commitment

  • 3. Integrity

  • 2. Diversity

  • 1. Teamwork

Directory Board

Dr. Fernández Quintero

Sr. Augusto Soltero

Systems Consultant

Sr. Francisco Rivero

Financial Consultant

Lic. Norberto Quiñones
Legal Consultant

Sr. José R. Fuentes

Financial Consultant

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