Anxiety management in the event of disasters

Puerto Rico has been experiencing a series of telluric movements since December 28, 2019 that have generated uncertainty and concern in the island. Similarly, anxiety levels have been exacerbated causing reactions at the physical, emotional and cognitive levels. Therefore, there is a need to inform, psychoeducation and identify possible reactions to an event like the one that we have been living through the last weeks.

It is important to note that anxiety:

  • At appropriate levels it is necessary
  • Prepares the body to act

Therefore, it is recommended to know the symptoms, channel them and seek help if necessary.

Below are some physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms that can be experienced in an event of this magnitude. Similarly, some recommendations and / or suggestions are included.

According to the literature, these symptoms are very common in the face of events of this nature. However, if the symptoms persist for a considerable period and identify that they interfere with your daily life, it is important that you seek help through a mental health professional.


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