Can breast cancer be prevented?

Breast cancer is a disease that forms malignant or cancerous cells in the tissues of the breast. It affects both men and women, with women being more prone. Risk factors are varied, some we cannot avoid and others if they are under our control, so we must identify those that you can change. The risk factors that you cannot change include age, family history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer, genetic mutation, previous treatment with radio therapy, dense breasts and exposure of breast tissue to estrogen made by the body. (premature menstruation, menopause, never having had childbirth or the first delivery at an older age). Some that if we can modify is obesity, smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages.


What can we do to prevent breast cancer?

Breast cancer cannot be prevented, but we can modify some factors that can develop it. Clinical studies continue to identify measures to reduce the likelihood of getting cancer, which is why protective factors for cancer that coincide with breast cancer have been identified. A healthy lifestyle such as exercising, quitting smoking, not drinking alcoholic beverages, and eating healthy have been shown to lower the risk of several types of cancer. The goal is to be in balance with your body in order to avoid risks, staying away from cancer, particularly if you already have any of the above risks.


Women have to consider other factors when preventing breast cancer, such as estrogen levels, which can decrease with early pregnancy and breastfeeding since women who do not have children or had children after The 35-year-old has a higher risk of breast cancer than those who have undergone previous experience at that age, the same happens with lactating mothers with a long time, who have a lower probability of breast cancer than those who never breastfed. Another factor is to avoid becoming obese or overweight with menopause, studies have found that age and the relationship of health status can determine and / or reduce the risks associated with cancer. Starting as soon as possible to carry out our health control which includes a diet rich in fiber, not smoking, avoiding or limiting alcohol consumption and exercising before reaching adulthood and / or old age, reduces the risk factors for Cancer.


What can I do to stay alert for breast cancer?

Early detection tests are one of the alternatives you have to be at the forefront against this disease. Breast physical exams or self-exams are not recommended for the detection of breast cancer in women of average risk at any age since there is not enough evidence that they can detect cancer, however, it is recommended to be aware of any changes in the breast that affects any daily activity such as bathing, combing hair, exercising among others. Although there are some tests that are recommended by age, it is important to say that mammograms are low-dose X-rays, which can help detect breast cancer early. Here are some recommendations from the American Cancer Society;

  • Before the age of 30 you should observe any change in sensitivity, color or shape of the breasts, if you have any hereditary factor and observe something different you should seek help from a health professional.
  • Between 40 to 44 years you have the option of starting with a mammogram every year.
  • From ages 45 to 54, annual mammography becomes part of routine screening.
  • From the age of 55, the annual routine of mammography is changed every 2 years or they can choose to stay annually, this depends on the state of health in which they are.

Remember the practical prevention alternatives to count breast cancer, it depends on your action and awareness, therefore it is important to visit the doctor regularly, have a healthy lifestyle, be in weight, not smoke, limit or avoid alcohol consumption and observe your body.


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