Do you know the health services that can be implemented through Contact Centers?

Technology opens the doors to endless opportunities to offer health and wellness services to different communities, either through a complex mobile application or using the simplicity of a phone call. For the past 25 years our organization (TeleMedik Group) has been dedicated to the development of health and wellness services using Telehealth:

  • Customer Service Management– With an emphasis on resolution in the first contact, a team of bilingual service representatives can offer guidance on the benefits that a health insurer provides to its membership by providing data on: provider network, medical equipment and pre-authorizations, among others. Some of the benefits of Telephone Customer Service Management are the reduction of waiting times and the reduction of visitors in offices.
  • Risk Profile Assessment (surveys)– It is the approach to a selected group to ask questions that seek to identify health practices, habits, barriers and trends. Once the information has been collected individually, based on the responses, the risk level of the individual is categorized. Carrying out this type of questionnaire allows determining intervention priorities, selecting research topics, determining the focus or direction towards a topic or a health prevention campaign and / or directing the individual towards the areas that require greater attention in relation to their health care.
  • Pharmacy Orientations– Through a call you can orient members about their benefits under their pharmacy coverage. Pharmacies, for their part, can receive support with the information necessary to process medications, a protocol for issuing pre-authorization requests, corroborate whether a drug is covered by a participant, and check the status of claims. The service reduces management times and helps the patient or insured receive the medication from her in the shortest possible time.
  • Nursing Consultations– Consists of the evaluation of signs and symptoms by a nurse in which the service is channeled according to the individual needs of the patient. After an assessment of symptoms, recommendations are made that may include: self-care (recommendations to be implemented by the patient at home), visiting a primary doctor in a period of 4, 24 or 48 hours or instead a consultation of Telemedicine, redirects to poison control or emergency room and in the presence of emerging symptoms a 9-1-1 activation.
  • Telemedicine- Integrated to the Nursing Consultation service, the Telemedicine service provides the patient with the opportunity to contact a doctor from anywhere they are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After medical evaluation of the required condition, laboratory orders and prescriptions are issued.
  • Outreach campaigns– can include appointment schedules, confirmation of attendance at events and data updates, among other initiatives that help retain individuals. In addition, to the traditional channel through a plain, the Contact Centers can also be integrated for Outreach campaigns with additional channels such as text messaging (SMS), chatbox and emails.


As you can see, there are multiple possibilities for telephone health and wellness services, through which various organizations can approach the populations they serve to offer preventive and follow-up services in chronic conditions. If you are looking for assistance to manage a care project through a Contact Center in the health field, do not hesitate to write to us at mercadeo@telemedik.com or call 787-999-6200. We are ready to guide you and start your project!

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