Feel close to your loved ones even while distancing

It is inevitable, the isolation at home by COVID-19 affects daily life, causing changes in the way we are used to living and in how we understand reality. Finding habits that keep us active and provide comfort is essential to preserve our general well-being.


Establish routines, maintain hygiene, break sedentary lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, be physically active … And something very important to avoid falling into the dreaded social isolation: Promote social ties.


Staying connected with the important people in you life will help you face the situation and improve your emotional health in these moments of prolonged isolation. Maintaining regular contact with your family and friends is key. Talking to people you trust and being able to share your concerns and feelings will make you feel much better, especially if you live alone. Having contact with regular people, as well as coworkers, also gives you a reinforcement to feel that you are still connected and liven up the situation.


We give you some tips to keep you connected with the people around you and not feel so far from you:

1. Video calling program

Meet your parents, siblings, grandparents and closest relatives to make video calls on a regular basis, in the same way that we are used to seeing each other. Also, with your group of friends. Share how you feel, ask how they are … Not losing contact is essential to make the current situation as similar as possible to the “normal” day to day routine before isolation.


2. Send virtual affection

Unfortunately, we cannot give kisses and / or physical hugs to our loved ones, but we can send them by voice, text message or video. Sending and receiving virtual affection brings you comfort and will make you feel a little closer to yours.


3. Record a family video

Remind your loved ones how much you love them. Record a video explaining how you feel and how much you want to see them again. If you have a partner or children, they can do it together. It is a good way to encourage your mom or grandparents by telling them all those things they will do when the isolation is over.


4. Plan exercise routines online

Having an exercise routine will help you feel better inside and out. Thanks to technology, being isolated is not synonymous with having to train alone. Meet your best friend to train together, although each one in their home, for example: they can connect by video call. You can also join a sports channel on social networks, as well as live classes that are broadcast on digital platforms.


5. It remains to have an aperitif

In the same way that you were left to “have something” before, what is stopping you from doing it now? Meet with your trusted people to make a virtual snack. It is a good way to catch up while enjoying a soft drink.


6. Share your hobbies

Connect with those with whom you shared your hobbies before isolation. They can continue doing the activities they like virtually. You can also join communities or virtual classes in painting, design, decoration, cooking … Keep growing your talent!


7. Cook your favorite dish

Do you remember that recipe that your mom likes so much? Go into the kitchen and do it. Then share that moment with her, for example, by sending her a photo. Remind her that when the social isolation  is over, you’ll cook that plate for her for lunch.


8. Share memories

Find photos of special moments, as well as birthday celebrations, beach days, excursions, trips … Share them with the people who lived with you and tell them how eager you are to repeat it again. They can even start organizing what their next adventure will be.


9. And something very important … Give and receive encouragement

Isolation can make us feel lonely, yet we must remind ourselves that we are not. Try to keep positive thoughts. Help around you by sending optimistic and motivating messages, you can even do it on social networks as a sign of support. Do not forget that the situation has an expiration date, it will pass, and we will again give hugs and live unique moments. Tell your loved ones!

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