How to maximize text messaging in health care?

We receive many messages daily, including those from friends, family, and even for-profit and non-profit organizations. Currently, there are many means to carry out written follow-ups such as WhatsApp, however, text messaging (SMS) continues to be valid, especially when we talk about communications in the health field.


In a recent survey conducted by HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) titled “Patient Communication Preferences in 2021”, it was found that: seven out of ten individuals surveyed wanted to receive healthcare text messages and that one third of women people would be willing to switch healthcare providers to receive more modern communications, such as real-time text messages.


With these data, you may have already wondered how SMS is integrated into health communications? The answer can be complex, as each institution can do it in a different and varied way according to its needs. Some organizations that can benefit are laboratories, clinics, and hospitals. They can use the communication channel to:

  • Appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Provide care instructions, pre-visit directions, or exam preparation guidance
  • Provide notifications with redirection to test results available through the patient portal
  • Offer advice to improve the quality of life and preventive actions to raise awareness about a healthy lifestyle (prevention campaigns)
  • Apply satisfaction surveys
  • Report changes in service hours
  • Make messages of thanks and congratulations for the holidays (public relations)


Based on the needs to be covered, it is recommended:

  • Create a delivery calendar to ensure the continuity and consistency of the campaigns,
  • Send short messages,
  • Include in the message a link where the patient can obtain more information or provide contact information to answer questions,
  • And provide the opportunity to cancel communications at any time.


You already know how to use them, now what are the benefits for the service provider and the patient? By using text messaging as a communication channel in health care, you get: convenience, immediate communication, quick visualization, and real-time responses, among other benefits. In addition, reports can be created that allow you to see the results of the campaign.


In the TeleMedik Group we are ready to help you develop an SMS messaging campaign, to receive a free orientation according to your organizational needs, write to us via email mercadeo@telemedik.com or call us at 787-999-6200.


HIMSS. (May, 2021). Patient Communication Preferences in 2021. Retrieved July 8, 2021 from


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