The advantages of implementing a corporate wellness program

The well-being of the work team is essential to ensure the productivity of organizations. In companies, the department in charge of implementing wellness or wellness programs is the Human Resources area, its purpose is to improve the quality of life of workers by offering alternatives such as optimizing air quality and lighting in spaces, granting healthy eating options, organize physical activities such as yoga workshops or nature excursions, among others. In addition to the impact on health, companies benefit from the implementation of wellness programs, obtaining improvements in motivation, promoting communication and teamwork, contributing to creativity, generating savings and obtaining an ally for employee branding.


The improvements in motivation are given thanks to the reduction in the stress levels of the employees, allowing them to work in optimal conditions to fulfill their obligations. Encouraging communication and teamwork is the product of group activities, such as dance classes and excursions that facilitate sharing and provide the opportunity to get to know each other better. The contribution to creativity in many cases comes from physical activity as it increases blood flow, helping to think more clearly and promoting the development of ideas that lead to innovative solutions. Consequently, capital savings are generated since the number of casualties decreases due to illness and an ally for employee branding is obtained because the actions carried out favor the image of the company, causing interest in job candidates.


Currently, one of the employee retention factors is implementing wellness programs that show continuity and results, the institutions that achieve it enjoy a greater sense of belonging and loyalty on the part of the worker.

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