UX Design in Contact Centers

Surely you have heard of UX Design (User Experience Design) in different industries. User experience design focuses on how people interact with a product or service, to achieve the satisfaction of their needs, interests and expectations. The Contact Centers are not the exception in this matter.

The service experience in a contact center begins before a representative receives the caller, so, to improve the quality of the service, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) should be included to segment the queries that the user wishes to make, providing answers with prerecorded information or conducting the communication to a representative trained to offer the required assistance. In this way, waiting times for consulting third parties (specialized service representatives or supervisors) are reduced and the need for a call transfer is minimized.

Users or customers are directly impacted by the service representative ‘s actions, which is why there is a chain reaction between the csr’s experience and x the user. To maintain an appropriate experience for the service representative, it is recommended to provide them with an easy-to-use system that allows them to comply with their KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), such as the average speed of answer and the average handle time. Having the data requested in an orderly and easy-to-understand format will help reduce the handle time and caller will be more satisfied.

Another important aspect to improve the user experience is to provide multiple contact channels, not just the traditional phone call, so having an omnichannel is ideal. An omnichannel allows you the possibility of receiving assistance through different means of communication without limiting it to the imposition of a single channel, some examples are: physical locations, web pages, social networks, live chat, mobile applications, SMS messaging and mail electronic.

In addition to the use of technology, listening is key to maintaining a good experience. That is why subsequent service surveys should also be included, in which not only the representatives’s work is evaluated, but also the overall experience from the beginning of the communication to its completion. To be effective, constant evaluation and implementation of changes is required in accordance with new needs of the public that it serves. 

In the TeleMedik Group we are ready to help you improve the experience of your customers or start designing it, to receive a free orientation according to your organizational needs, write us through the email mercadeo@telemedik.com or call us at 787- 999-6200.

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