Working remotely to combat the coronavirus

As a result of the impact of COVID-19 and the health recommendations, which advise that the population stay at home to avoid the spread of the virus, more and more companies have chosen to implement teleworking among their employees.


The truth is that remote work is a popular modality in recent years with so much advancement that we have had the technology available to the average person. The idea of ​​not having to leave your home, being in your own space as you like, and not interacting with anyone in person sounds like the dream of an introvert character, while for extroverts it can be intimidating. I tell you, in most of my previous experiences as a researcher and businesswoman, I have had the opportunity to work remotely, but I always chose to work around people. The idea of ​​having the option to work from home and prefer to be with people may sound strange to you, but have you noticed the number of people who do tasks that require concentration and sit in an extremely busy and noisy cafe? Working at home has challenges that many do not even imagine and in the long run they bear unexpected fruits. I will tell you in my experience which I have come across.


Challenge 1: Don’t work in pajamas

It may be funny, but it is very real. Don’t set an alarm clock and when you wake up you realize that you only have time to make a coffee and connect, then you think “I take a shower and get dressed (this is what I mean a yoga shirt and pants) when I take my rest period. ” I admit that this has been me, many times, more than I would like to accept, and it does not work. I mean, all humans are beings of routines and they implant certain ways of thinking and feeling. If you schedule your morning with time for a good breakfast and a meditation, then you get ready to go to work as usual I assure you that your mindset will be in a more productive one. The hidden benefit of creating the routine is that you will be more focused as you feel more organized and that organization will gradually be transferred to your workspace at home.


Challenge 2: Avoid distractions

Since you are not in an office environment it is natural that you are easily distracted. “I’m going to put this show on TV while I work so I’m not silent.” Lie, what is achieved with that is that you are more dependent on one thing than the other and then you end up losing somewhere, or your work is not optimal or you missed a detail of the program that will later be an essential part of some decision of a character. For non-series lovers, the common challenge is social media. If what they need is to be attentive to the events of the current situation in the country, many newscasts have applications that notify them when there is an update. It is difficult, I know, since it is the new addiction of the 21st century, but there are benefits when facing it first, your concentration will improve substantially, second, you will make a better connection with your family and friends and, finally, you will be more aware of living your life through your eyes and not compared to the highlights of others’ lives. And the surprise? Throughout you will achieve what many try, to be present in the moment.


Challenge 3: Teamwork

But enough of personal growth, we return to my challenge as an outgoing person. How does that work remotely? This is where creativity and technology come in. We use chats, video conferences, priority lists, redirected extensions, emails among other tools. But the key for a separate team to work is the relationship between the members, my recommendation, before a team leaves remotely, do a good team building exercise since everyone must know how each individual works to continue operations. Above all, maintain communication even on casual topics, for example, the concert by Tommy Torres’ networks, are the interactions and dynamics necessary for the team feeling to remain regardless of distance. And like every challenge, it has its hidden benefit, mastery of technology and “out of the box” thinking at another level. When circumstances forbid you to do things as usual, it is that you take the creative side to fly by instinct of survival.


My intention is not to scare you or sound pessimistic about working remotely, on the contrary, it is a change in perspective which, if done correctly, attracts growth and if you are disciplined, I would dare to say even self-discovery. Given the current situation, many of us have joined the telework initiative. If you are also one of us and this modality catches you again, I hope that my advice may be useful to you. Remember that each person is different, so perhaps at this time you will discover.

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